Rashford sees himself still having room to improve and improve.

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford sees himself still having room to improve and improve even though he has just scored five games in a row.

Rashford has been confident in his form lately after leading his team to a 3-1 FA Cup win over Everton on Friday. 

The England striker was involved in all three goals, starting with a pass for Anthony to score the first goal. Then turning the ball into the middle until Connor Cody intercepted the ball into his own goal. Before ending with a penalty shootout. UFABET The final goal emphasizes victory for the team to qualify for the final round.

“I feel dangerous in the competition. And a lot of times it comes from the number of passes we make in the team. It’s difficult to defend if we run in the right direction. 

“But I feel that I can improve in different areas. And can be dangerous for longer periods of time in the game. There are things I need to improve on.” said Rashford.

As well as scoring in five consecutive games for the first time for United. Rashford became the first player after Wayne Rooney in 2012 to score at Old Traford 7 matches in a row