Party hard! ‘Adriano’ takes over the UCL final

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Adriano, the legendary Inter Milan bad boy striker, partyed so hard that he missed his flight to Istanbul and didn’t show up as a pundit. in the game his former team won Champions League with Manchester City The

41-year-old former footballer has a queue from his home country of Brazil to Istanbul to be an analysis guru for ESPN in the big match between “Python” and “The Blues” ทางเข้า

The night before, Adriano appear at a party in three nightclubs in Rio, and pictures were publish online. Showing that he was having a very happy time, according to Brazilian media

According to Brazilian outlet Globo, the striker miss his flight to Istanbul. Which was schedul for the last Friday, and will not cover the final as a pundit.

The report claims that ‘no one was able to locate Adriano’. And that he had been seen the day before ‘having fun and drinking at three parties in Rio’, with photos of the striker appearing on Instagram account Condominio da MFifi.

It is claime he was due to cover the final in a punditry role with TNT.

Globo , the next morning, the “emperor striker” disappeared without a trace the next morning. Did not show up at the airport as scheduled. Lack of acting on a TV program as agreed in the contract

The latest movement on Adriano’s social account is to update the picture showing the bet slip, betting that Inter Milan will win with 10,000 reals (70,000 baht). Adriano has a football record

with Inter total 177 shots, scored 74 goals, while personal life is full of scandals off the field, both women and alcohol use.