Paris Saint-Germain beat Chateauroux 3-1 in French Cup.

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Paris Saint-Germain Must exert quite a bit before defeating Chateauroux 3-1. Narrowly winning a ticket through the French Cup Football.

Paris Saint-Germain Used as a substitute and many young stars entered the field with Hugo Ekitike standing in front of the goal. While Chateau Roux put Nolan Roux, a veteran striker to be the real one.

PSG started well, took the lead before 1-0. Ismael Garbi flicked the ball into the penalty area for Hugo Ekitike to flick the ball on the right, goalkeeper Paul de Lecroix. The local defender brushed it but couldn’t take it. The ball goes into the goal

The home side almost equalized in the 26th minute. When the PSG defensive line intercepted the ball badly into the way. 

Three minutes later, PSG reacted back when the home defender tackled the ball wrongly and set up Ismael Garbi to get a volley with a full left. Paul Delecroix had to make a super save. 

Chateau Roux equalized 1-1 in the 37th minute, Nolan Roux passed the ball to Natalie Entola, flicking a shot with the left in the penalty area. The ball slightly ricochets away from the away team players before it slips into the first post. 

In the second half.

Chateauroux was almost overtaken when Alois Fuda opened from a narrow left corner, Gaylor Navas brushed a bad hit, becoming a bouncing ball hitting the triangle. As for the repetitive stroke from Malcolm Wiltar’s penalty area, it crossed the crossbar.

PSG scored a 2-1 lead in the 78th minute, Vitinha opened from the end of the right side for Hugo Ekitike to save, but Carlos Soler repeatedly hit the left. nothing left 

In stoppage time, the away team scored another goal when Fabian Ruiz thrust the ball to the left for Juan Bernat to fill in and shoot with a decisive left. Causing the game to end as PSG won 3-1 and successfully advanced to the next round