Matthaus backs Bayern to pull Yann Sommer in goal.

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Lothar Matthaus views Switzerland international Yann Sommer. As the perfect signing for Bayern Munich football in their pursuit of a replacement for Manuel Neuer.

Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus has backed his former club in signing Switzerland international goalkeeper Yann Sommer from Barcelona. Monchengladbach Came to take the position of first-hand goalkeeper to replace Manuel Neuer. Who had a broken leg until he had to rest for a long time. From his column in ‘Sky Sports Germany’ on Friday. UFABET 

Bayern Munich want to bring Sommer to replace Neuer. While the Swiss goalkeeper is also looking to move to Bayern. After his contract with the young Singha team is about to expire ends this summer. It is expected that the Bavarian team will have to pay around 5 million euros to sign the 34-year-old goalkeeper. Which Matthaus supports in bringing Sommer to join the team as well.

‘Bayern had an uncomplaining goalkeeper in the summer when Neuer returned, and it seemed to me a good move for all sides,’ Matthaus wrote in his column. ‘Swiss goalkeeper signing is perfect for Bayern’

‘Sommer is well aware of the fact that Neuer can return to Bayern’s No 1 once he has fully recovered from a broken leg and is ready to play good. Because they know other goalkeepers who are younger might not be able to handle that kind of emotion.’