Chelsea approach Smith Rowe, Arsenal give green light

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Chelsea are preparing to approach Arsenal’s Emil Smith Rowe. Who is also surprised that Arsenal are also willing to sell.

Chelsea are set to make a surprise move for Arsenal’s Emile Smith Rowe, who is also surprised that Arsenal seem to be playing. Ready to sell if the price is good enough.

Even though they’ve already acquired 11-12 new players, Chelsea’s reinforcements this summer haven’t stopped easily, with Mauricio Pochettino still looking to strengthen the attack. At present there are not many options. Especially after losing Christopher Nkunku to a serious injury and taking a long break.

The Daily Mail recently stated that Chelsea are targeting Smith Rowe as the “ideal attacker” who can play in any position. Both along the line and playmaker number 10. ทางเข้า

Chelsea still have a handicap in that Mikel Arteta does not have Smith Rowe as an important person in his game plan. This season has only played in the Community Shield game and has not participated in any Premier League games throughout the first 3 games. Where the reserve was not use at all.

Meanwhile, The Times reports that Arsenal are ready to release the 23-year-old if they receive a good enough offer in the range of £40-50 million.

There are also reports from some sources. That Chelsea are interested in acquiring two Barcelona players as a great value package in one deal. Namely Brazilian national team winger Rafinha and Ferran Torres. Spanish national team attacker. Who have all been Premier League players. With Leeds United and Manchester City respectively.