Baccarat card layouts that everyone needs to understand.

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All Baccarat Card Layouts. We will present a total of 7 layouts which are frequently drawn card layouts. But will explain in a short version for everyone to understand each other easily. No water, only meat, focusing on the balance in playing baccarat technique for everyone to achieve success bets. Do not be disappointed or defeated in bringing money to play with us. 

Just understand the details of the card layout of the baccarat game as follows.

The dragon card layout is a province where the cards will be issued only on one side. Neither the player nor the dealer. But will be issued several times in a row and the average is about 4 eyes or more. You can place bets and bet accordingly.UFABET 

Table tennis card layout Is the result of an alternating prize between the player and the dealer. Or in the table, it will be a banker and a player. If in the period of about 4 or more consecutive rounds of alternate cards. It means that you bet accordingly.

Two cut card outline There is a result of a pair of alternating cards, such as BB / PP. When encountering such characteristics. Bets can be switched back and forth.

Three cut card layout If found in the period that has been repeated 3 rounds, it is possible that the 4th round will come out 4, on the contrary. Allow you to bet at all without holding back your hand.

Cut four card layout Cards in any row or column. If there have been 4 consecutive draw results. It is possible that the next round will have the opposite color, bet accordingly.

Triple card layout It will be a period when the cards win 3 times in a row. But alternate back and forth. If many times, you can look at the statistics, check and bet accordingly immediately.