The story of gout

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The story of gout

Food is closely related to health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat or how you eat is what you eat.

Nowadays, many people are turning their attention and paying more attention to food. Because I know that if I eat poorly, there is an easier chance of developing various diseases. But if I eat well, eat appropriately. In addition to staying away from disease Many existing diseases can also be alleviated, such as diet and gout. that will be told in this issue

Know about gout

Gout is a type of joint pain. which is easily observed that you are suffering from this disease or not You can see it suddenly. There is also acute and severe pain and heat in the ankle, toe, or knee joint. It hurt so much that I couldn’t walk. And other joint ยูฟ่าเบท pains will follow. Fever and chills may also occur. And it’s usually at night. But the symptoms may improve on their own in 2-3 days. Anyone who has this problem probably wonders. Why do my joints hurt without any previous reason?

If it is said that the symptoms of not knowing Eno Ehe are very much related to food. You may not believe it. But if you observe your past eating habits, you will find that this joint pain occurs after eating a lot of certain foods or drinking a lot of alcohol. until the body is unable to break down uric acid or causing too much uric acid Therefore accumulates in the joints and bones.

Normally, the human body obtains uric acid from 2 sources:

1. The body synthesizes itself. By the decay of cells in various organs But in some people who are sick with diseases such as thalassemia cancer in white blood cells or use of certain cancer medicines or radiation. It will cause an abnormally large amount of cell decay in the body.

2. From eating certain foods that are high in purines. This type of substance, when ingested, will decompose into

Uric acid, which is a purine substance found in abundance in poultry meat Animal organs, beans, young vegetables In normal people, even though You will receive a lot of purines or your body will produce a lot of uric acid. But our kidneys can excrete excess uric acid. The body therefore maintains a balance of uric acid. But for people with impaired kidneys or kidneys that can excrete less uric acid It will cause an abnormally high amount of uric acid to accumulate in the body. As a result, crystals accumulate in the joints, skin, kidneys, and other organs. Until it caused gout.

People with gout, if they don’t get treatment, the symptoms will gradually worsen, with pain in the same joint first. Then it will affect other joints until it affects almost every joint throughout the body. The pain will become more frequent and longer. until pain occurs all the time If gout cannot be controlled, joints that used to be frequently inflamed may be found. It’s a lump. This is due to the accumulation of a large amount of uric acid. Sometimes the painful joint ruptures and a white substance similar to chalk or toothpaste flows out. become a chronic wound Eventually, the joints gradually become deformed and become unusable. It may also cause kidney stones. arteriosclerosis Hardening and constriction follow. Because of the accumulation of uric acid in those organs.

How to behave when you have gout

When you understand well that People develop gout because there is an abnormal accumulation of uric acid while it is less excreted. Therefore, being careful not to let too much uric acid enter the body is the correct method. which can be done easily By being careful not to eat foods that are high in purines. Eating foods high in purines reduces the body’s uric acid intake. Especially in people who still can’t control their disease well. or have severe joint pain Foods that are high in purines should be strictly avoided, including animal organs. Poultry, sardines, fish eggs, bone broth, meat extract, young vegetables, etc.

For people with gout who frequently experience joint inflammation and had severe pain You should see a doctor to receive medication to reduce joint inflammation. and medicine to help reduce the amount or the creation of uric acid as well Although taking the drug can improve gout symptoms, Knowing how to eat the right foods and make changes Dietary habits are also very important for controlling gout. To prevent repeated inflammation of the joints or complications affecting other organs as well

In addition to foods high in purines that people with gout should be careful not to consume too much. People with gout should eat enough rice-flour foods. (Generally 8-12 ladles per day) so that the body receives enough energy to perform various activities. Without having to burn the protein contained in the muscles to use as energy. Because this type of protein metabolism will cause more uric acid to be broken down into the bloodstream. Meanwhile, people If you have gout, you should be careful not to eat too much meat. Because it may cause symptoms of the disease to worsen. In general, you should eat about 10-12 servings of various meat foods per day. Therefore, we should be careful not to consume food. Pork pan buffet type (One price, all you can eat) which is a popular food nowadays.